Why Nreal Air Augmented Reality Glasses Could Be the Perfect Gift For the Tech Fan In Your Life

The virtual reality revolution is officially here, and one of the fastest-growing augmented reality companies is ushering in the next generation of wearable display tech. Nreal is on a mission to make augmented reality and mixed reality accessible to everyone. They’re doing so with some creative innovations, as well as a few pretty impressive global partnerships. If you have any tech fans on your gift list, Nreal Air AR glasses might be the right gift to make their year.

What is it?

At first glance, Nreal Air AR glasses may look like just a nice pair of designer shades. But on closer inspection, you’ll find smart glasses that serve as a virtual theater in less than 3oz of tech. Unlike most gaming VR headsets that focus exclusively on gaming, Nreal Air AR glasses balance tech & comfort while combining an immersive gaming experience with cinema-grade streaming compatibility. Nreal Air are the first AR glasses to be Low Blue Light, Flicker Free, and Eye Comfort certified by TÜV Rheinland Group.

At launch, Nreal Air featured compatibility with the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. With their latest firmware update, that list now includes the latest SteamOS, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Mac OS devices including MacBooks and Android devices. Co-founder Peng Jin said the company is being intentional about serving the gaming community and looking to expand its unique AR experience to GeForce Now fans before the end of the year.

So what can I do with it?

Just got a shiny new PS5 and feel like it’s time for a tv upgrade, but don’t want to spend a couple thousand dollars on a new high-end tv or monitor? Through Air Casting, the Nreal Air can turn your iPhone, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation 5 into a massive portable 130” Full HD display without any external monitors. Immerse yourself in driving games like Gran Turismo 7 in new ways and jump into the driver’s seat while building your vehicle collection.

With AR Space, you can experience YouTube in seamless Augmented Reality, cycle through over 30 cities worldwide with the Cycling app, travel the globe with Teleport, or browse the web with the Spatial Browser like you’re Tony Stark. Working with YouTube, Nreal was able to design an AR experience beta built on their Spatial Browser, using APIs (application programming interface) provided by YouTube, to deliver an endless waterfall of video streams.

Another big announcement came when Nreal showed off an early look at the Nebula for Mac Beta, turning any M1/M2 chip Apple laptops into multi-screen workstations. Nebula allows you to launch three 45” virtual displays around your MacBook Pro and drag applications across the different displays as you would with external monitors. The virtual displays sit at a 1-meter distance and remain fixed in 3D space, even when turning your head, using Nreal’s 3DoF (3-degree-of-freedom) tracking system.

Nreal’s focus on providing next-gen gaming experiences while creating the future of streaming & entertainment and allowing users to go beyond the limitations of their current devices make the Nreal Air a must-have for any tech lover; or yourself. You can grab your Nreal Air on Amazon for $379 and pick up Real Adapter needed for select devices for $59.

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