Waggle Corp Launches Waggle VR Virtual Reality Video Productions

Programmer Using VR Headset

Marketing and training in VR is a great way for companies to stand out from the crowd.

Waggle Corp has launched Waggle VR, a video production service specializing in virtual reality (VR) that utilizes the latest state-of-the-art cameras, like the Insta360 Titan, and an in-house render farm to dramatically improve quality while also reducing the turn around time and uncertainty normally associated with VR video production.

When viewed through a modern headset like the Meta Quest 2, high quality immersive VR video transports viewers into another reality. Ambisonic sound adds to the experience by bathing the listener in an audioscape that responds to head movements. For example, as a viewer turns their head, the sound of the waterfall behind them grows louder. Businesses can capitalize on this new medium with innovative marketing and training strategies. Instead of merely showing new employee pictures of the factory, they can be transported right onto the production floor. Potential real estate, cruise and travel customers can get an immersive preview experience that leaves them craving for the real thing.

Marketing and training in VR is a great way for companies to stand out from the crowd. Meta (formerly Facebook) sold over 15 million headsets in just a few months last year so it’s safe to say that consumers are eagerly adopting this cutting edge technology. The potential for VR today is strikingly similar to the smartphone market of 2008 shortly after Apple introduced the iPhone. Organizations that venture into this new space sooner are sure to be rewarded and perceived as forward thinking and innovative.

Waggle VR is designed to walk businesses through the VR video production process, from storyboard to final processing. VR videos can be made fully immersive in 3D (stereoscopic) with a 360 degree field of view, or semi-immersive with just 180 degrees of vision in 2D (monoscopic). Companies can post their content onto popular VR libraries like YouTube, or Waggle VR can help them create their own metaverse VR app for the Meta Quest headset.

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