Sounds Like Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Like Roquan Smith Much

The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have played each other twice a year for over a century. It is the most storied rivalry in professional sports. Aaron Rodgers has been a central character in it since 2008. During most of that time, he’s enjoyed tons of success against the Bears. That said, some players have managed to get under his skin, thanks to their outstanding play. Brian Urlacher was somebody he loved/hated playing against.

It appears #54 isn’t the only linebacker that has reached that level of grudging respect. The Hall of Fame quarterback spoke to the media about the upcoming Sunday Night Football game at Lambeau Field against the Bears. Rodgers gave the usual lines about the talented defense he’ll be facing and how the Packers must bounce back from their ugly loss in Minnesota. It was here he cracked a little joke about Smith.

Aaron Rodgers knows Smith is a headache.

In seven career games, the linebacker has 47 tackles, a sack, three tackles for a loss, and two passes defended against the Packers. His presence will be a big factor, considering how important Green Bay’s running game is to their offense. This is more true than ever with Davante Adams no longer around to carry the passing game on his back. If Smith can take over the game, it will make Rodgers’ life considerably harder.

Many wondered if the linebacker would even play for the Bears this year after publicly demanding a trade back in the summer. Things worked out. He thing to return on the final year of his rookie deal. Hopes remain high that an extension can still be reached a few months from now. None of that matters for this Sunday. Aaron Rodgers will have to deal with him. One can safely assume the two will cross paths either on the ground or through the air at some point.

That could end up being some key moments of the game. Smith would love nothing better than to make the arrogant quarterback pay the price.

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