Royal Family LIVE: Fears of ‘dual attack’ waiting for monarchy as Harry book release nears | Royal | News

Prince Harry could unleash a “dual attack” on the monarchy with the publication of his new book, a royal historian has claimed.

The Duke’s memoir is set for publication later this year, and so far there has been little inclination as to what it will contain, apart from Harry’s assurances that it will be “wholly truthful”.

The book is being ghostwritten by novelist and journalist JR Moehringer, who also ghostwrites the autobiography of former world No 1 tennis player Andre Agassi.

Robert Lacey said that, based on Mr Moehringer’s previous writings, the public can expect a “powerful and exploratory book”.

He added: “One would anticipate a book that sets new standards in royal analysis.

“I am hoping [Moehringer] will be analyzing the institution as well.

“On Agassi, he not only demolished Agassi’s parenting and upbringing, he had a hard knock at the world of professional tennis.

“Therefore, one would anticipate the same sort of dual attack in what he writes about Harry and the monarchy.”

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