Pimax promises gifts among birthday celebrations and 12k VR Headset launch

As VR becomes even more commonplace in the home thanks to affordable and portable options like the Oculus Quest 2 (opens in new tab), we’re seeing a split in VR users. Some are after that easy low cost experience, but many are using the improvements in technology to level up the experience’s fidelity. One company that’s going all in on trying to give you the best VR experience is Pimax with its impressive high resolution offerings with 200 degree field of view. (opens in new tab)

The second quarter of this year marks the seven-year anniversary of Pimax’s development, and the brand is looking to celebrate. This comes alongside what is set to be the launch of the VR 3.0 line of products. Starting with the Pimax 12k QLED, which we are looking forward to seeing in action (opens in new tab). Though it’s likely going to take a beast of a machine (opens in new tab) to run at its best.

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