Dyson opens virtual reality store for customers to test out products at home

The platform draws on many of the visualization and simulation technologies that Dyson designers use during their development process, according to the company.

Dyson has unveiled an “advanced virtual reality technology” which will allow its customers to test out products in a hands-on way in their own homes.

Called Dyson Demo VR, the technology is described as a “virtual online environment”. It seeks to help customers understand products better without being instore. Dyson says it is the “first virtual store” of its kind.

According to founder James Dyson, the Dyson Demo VR technology represents the desire of designers and engineers to help people better understand products. “Our customers increasingly want to buy directly from us, which makes sense, because we created the technology, and we are best placed to look after them,” he says.

Test driving products

A headset is needed to access the experience, which is available through the Oculus store, primarily addresses three areas.

The first is product demonstrations. Dyson explains those using the technology will be able to try products like its hairdryer and Airwrap styler on different hair types. Additionally, they will be able to see demonstrations of the company’s range of cordless vacuums.

Meanwhile the platform offers “test-drives” of certain products. For example, customers will be able to see which vacuum is right for their home by seeing how different modules interact with their home environment – ​​for example if they have hard floors or carpets.

The platform will also offer more in-depth insight into each product by showing customers inside the technology. Customers will be able to understand more about products “through visual animations and interviews with Dyson engineers”, the company says.

“You have to use them to truly understand them”

Future updates to the virtual store, Dyson says, will include a virtual shopping experience with functionality to speak with a Dyson expert about purchases.

The experience is based on the same visualization and simulation technologies designers at Dyson use in their development process, according to the company.

The company explains that simulation technologies have been used by the Dyson team for the last decade. It says such tools enable designers to “develop products and put them through their paces in a virtual world even before the first physical prototypes are made”.

“Simulation enables our engineers to see the effects of their design brought to life earlier in the design process, so that we can develop higher-performing technologies faster,” says senior principal engineer Mike Aldred. “Dyson technologies solve complex problems and you have to use them to truly understand them.”

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