Coventry City of Culture will feature an acid house “VR experience” – News

As part of Coventry City of Culture, the city will host a virtual reality experience where visitors can be transported back to an acid house rave in 1989.

In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats is a VR project that recreates an illegal warehouse party and will be part of Coventry City of Culture’s spring schedule.

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Participants explore a variety of locations from pirate radio stations to police headquarters so that they can “feel the anticipation, trepidation, excitement, and euphoria that was acid house,” says Coventry City of Culture.

Created by filmmaker Darren Emerson, he explains that the audience will feel the “thrill” of a night out as it will explore the “universal themes of community, politics and class disruption,” he adds.

Emerson has combined first-hand experiences of the acid house scene with archived footage, interviews and a “kick-ass soundtrack” in order to make the audience feel “lost in the world” he has created.

“The experience is set on one night in 1989, and the aim is to get to an Amnesia House warehouse rave somewhere on the outskirts of Coventry,” says Emerson. “As you move through the experience you will hear from people who were integral to the creation of the scene back in the day, as well as ravers who will share their memories of what used to happen.”

He adds: “Ultimately though I feel this experience is about the fun and adventure of youth, it’s about our universal desire, whatever the age, to feel connected to others, to have the support of a community and to celebrate and to dance together till dawn.”

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With the project running from March 29 to May 1 tickets for In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats will go on sale on January 28 here.

Images of what to expect at the VR exhibition are below.

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